”Oh Noah, you didn’t!” – Noah (2014)

Did the Bible mention Noah’s golden tresses?

If he spends his time barefoot, why are his feet so clean?

Anthony Hopkins, why are you here?

Is he going to let these dudes building the Ark onto the ark?

What do those guys want exactly? Why are they worried? Did Noah not get a permit to build an Ark in the Shire or wherever they are?

Will the Black Swan be in this film, Darren?

Hold up. It appears that more than two people were allowed on the ark. What gives?

Do we really need all those snakes?

Would it not have been more space efficient to recruit baby animals?

At what point in this film does Russel Crowe shave his head?

Follow-up question: is this a Walter White thing?

Hermoine, why are you here?

Why is the end just the beginning in films with dramatic soundtracks?

Does the line”Oh Noah, you didn’t!” show up anywhere in this film? If not, I’m out.


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